Happy Valentines Day

So what did you all get for Valentines Day, then? Roses? Chocolates? An ernest ‘look, you know I love you, but I don’t buy into the commercialisation of personal relationships’ speech?

I’ll tell you what I got…

Injections. Lots of them, to take home and store in my fridge. Oooh, exciting!

Along with the multiple injections, I recieved exciting instructions on how to stick myself with needles for the next ten to fourteen days, twice a day for the most part, as well as a lovely run-down on all the possible side-effects. Like cramping, nausea, diahorrea, constipation (I presume not both at the same time, though you never know what this advanced medical technolog is capable of these days), bloating, roller-coaster mood swings described in horror-movie tones (just in case The Partner wasn’t freaking out enough already) and, if I’m really lucky, a hospital stay for hyper-stimulated folicles.

Fun days ahead, folks.

See today is Valentines day and today is also the day we start IVF cycle #1. Well, I picked up the gear and paid my money so as to start in a day or two, when my body catches up with my plans. I’m actually a bit worried that I felt compelled to number the cycle, because as the nice lady who took all my savings away told me, I should be focusing on this working first time, not thinking of the next cycle to come.

Together with the hormone injections – they gave them to me in a pre-prepared big green bag, kind of like a supermarket green bag, except this was twice the size – and enough brochures, instruction leaflets, fact sheets and other miscellaneous reading material to keep me up until Easter 2014, I also received another run down of The List. You know The List, don’t you?

The List of all the things that can go wrong?

Yeah, they really don’t like to get your hopes up. But I guess I don’t blame them. With a 35-40% chance of this working at my age, that gives it a, oh, 60-65% chance of it not working. Of having gone through months of tests and stress and poking and proding, of multiple daily injections (have I mentioned I hate needles?), of massive hormonal emotional roller-coasters (actually, I’m kinda looking forward to those; all of a sudden, an excuse to yell at *everyone* and they still have to be nice to me – what could be more fun?), of all the side-effects and stress and hoping and hoping and hoping…

… of all the dollars paid for this privilege…

… and then it doesn’t work?

Yeah, I can see why they might try to help you keep your perspective. To be realistic about it all.

It won’t work, though. Cynical though you think I am, I woke this morning feeling pretty darn confident I’d be pregnant by the end of this month.

Or if not this one, the next.

Anyway, this is the start, kiddos. Wish me luck. Fingers Crossed. I’ll keep you all updated, every cynical, smartarse step of the way…

Kind regards,

The Patient

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