ZOMG zomg zomg

I just injected myself. First injection down. Wanna see?

Yeah, okay, so it doesn’t look scary to you. But don’t forget – I’m terrified of needles. I faint at the sight of blood. Hell, I don’t even need the sight of it. I keeled over in a first aid course once, when the instructor was describing the kind of open wounds a first aider might be expected to have to bandage.

Seriously, I fainted right off my chair. At the WORDS of it alone.

So there was a freaky moment, right before I stuck it in. But when I did stick it in, it was, well… not so bad.

Anyway, here are the instructions which came with the funky pen – Gonal-F for Dummies:

And here’s a picture of a cute fluffy cat, because right now, I need that kind of pap, just to calm me down.


Kind regards,

The Patient

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