Still waiting…

So when’s this roller-coaster going to kick in, then? I was promised an emotional roller-coaster when on the hormones and I’ve been injecting for three days now (not continually, obviously, once a day, thank you) and I’m still waiting for the ride to begin.

We’ve been warned about the potential for me to have mood-swings so wild it’ll make Middle East politics look stable. Indeed, we’ve been told it so often that The Partner is pretty much ready for me to turn into Screaming Monster From Hell at any given moment and has taken to hiding behind the couch whenever I walk into the room.

(Well, okay, that’s not true. It’s what is known in technical circles as “a joke”. He’s actually taken to hanging even more shit on me than usual to see if he can’t provoke ridiculous reactions, because this emotional roller-coaster thing sounds like an excellent spectator sport. Ah, the love.)

Anyway, so far, mood-swings wise… nope. Nothing. Perfectly stable. Emotionally solid. Entirely rational. Well, as rational as I ever am.

Hmmm. Is that a sign the hormones aren’t working, or something?

Is the fact I’m not becoming a hormonal nightmare yet and my life is not yet reduced to one big bag of mood swings something I should be stressing about?

Heh. Yeah. IVF is like that. Look it up in the Greater Oxford sometime, you’ll find it under “Stress”. First thing the nurse said to us back when we had the whirl-wind Learn To Inject Yourself For Dummies lesson: Don’t change jobs, move house or get married. IVF is stressful enough as it is. At which The Partner immediately relaxed. He likes it when someone tells him not to get married.

My immediate reaction was: but what if my job is inherently stressful already? What if the house needs maintenance or was flooded in recent rains? Does all that mean it won’t work? And what about other stressful situations? What about root canal? I’m in the middle of root canal with the dentist. That’s stressful. Will that stuff up all chances of this working?

I guess when you start to stress about whether or not you are experiencing too much stress then it’s time to take up yoga. Or meditation. Or something. Except last time I tried meditating I started stressing I wasn’t doing it right.

So anyway, Day Five today, which means tomorrow starts with the AM injections to match the PM injections. Matching injections, twelve hours apart.

The morning injections are called “The Antagonist”. Which sounds vaguely sinister; cue the dark, moody music. So that might be when the roller-coaster kicks in.

Watch this space, peoples…

Kind Regards

The Patient

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  1. Bravo Katie for blogging such a personal journey for you both.Love is defined in many ways and in your case St Valentine would be proud of you.Let’s hope and pray you will be blessed with a very special gift.Love Paulinexx

  2. Yet another well written, informative and interesting blog from you, for the world. I give it 6.5 out of 5 stars.
    Also sending you guys lots of positive, baby-making vibes (even though i know you don’t believe in that kinda stuff) and of course lotsa love. x x x

  3. […] 6.     Still waiting… […]

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