The Antagonist

Meet the Antagonist:

This is what I inject into my stomach every morning around 7am. It’s meant to stop me ovulating.

Now meet the… well, the protagonist? The love interest? The comic sidekick? Oh, we’ll just call it the “growing eggs” one, because that’s what it’s meant to do. Grow me some big egg folicles so I can produce some nice viable eggs.

This one gets injected into my stomach every evening around 7.30pm. I’ve some nice bruises on my stomach, I should add, from the first couple of days when I was still figuring out how to handle these sharp, sticking things. I’ve got better at it now. No bruises anymore.

Anyway, we’ll find out if it’s all worked on Wednesday morning, around about 7.30am, when I go in for an ultrasound and blood test to check if (a) I’ve got the right amount of folicles all the right size and (b) I’ve not ovulated yet. And presuming all is well, I’ll then go home and exactly – because we like to be precise in IVF world – *exactly* 38 hours before I’m booked in for egg collection, I inject myself with yet another needle or two. Those are to kick off ovulation, so the doctors can then whip me into hospital, stick me under general anaethestic, and whip out my eggs.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Because there are at least three dozen things that can go wrong at every stage of the process.

Anyway, I’m not sure what that third needle’s called yet. I’ll let you know when I meet it.

Kind regards,

The Patient

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