One down…

… a million more to go.

Ultrasound this morning. Blood tests to go with it. This was to check that the hormones were doing their job. I’ll hear from The Nurse this afternoon with all the fine detail, but so far so good, as the priest said to the vestigial virgin.

I have follicles. I know because I saw them in the grainy ultrasound footage on the monitor above my head when I was lying back, legs spread, knees apart, with barely a sheet to cover my modesty. The nice, professional ultrasound lady did what she needed to do down there behind the sheet, while I watched the screen up above. Which is what I think the screen is actually up there for. To distract you from the fact a stranger with medical equipment prepped with condom and lube is, well, behind the sheet, and you’re not even in one of those members-only clubs where people go to play doctors and nurses.

For all of those who have not had ultrasounds before, whether internal or otherwise, let me tell you the images you see on the screen are not exactly High Def vision. Think the static when your TV isn’t tuned in correctly, then add a few more lumpy shadows. That’s pretty much what you see. Which is why they have experts who interpret the vision and who know what they’re looking for, because for the everyday punter, it’s just dark bits and lighter static type bits.

Today’s expert, like all the good ones, took time to point out what each dark bit was. So I got to see my own follicles. Well, I got to see black smudges amid grey static, but they looked pretty impressive, even if there were only four of them of okay size.

So. Folicles. I have them. Which is one thing crossed off The List of Everything That Can Go Wrong. If IVF is a slow progression of crossing off potential pitfalls, then I’m one down.

And about a million to go.

More updates later, folks.

Kind Regards,
The Patient.

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