Nobody warned me

OMG why did nobody warn me that this IVF thing would have me up at all hours???

Just heard from The Nurse. We’re all booked in for Monday, smack bang in the afternoon. Which means…

At exactly 12.20am – that’s A.M, as in middle of the freakin’ night – Saturday (actually it’s technically Sunday – 0.30AM Sunday morning) I have to inject myself. Twice. With syringes that have big huge needles attached.

Photo of huge needles – there are two of them! – will follow. Oh yes.

But this one’s even better: 4am Monday morning. 4 A.M. In the morning! I didn’t even know there was a 4am in the morning.

That’s when I have something to eat and drink for the last time before fasting before the anasthetic. So I guess I could just sleep through it, but I like my food too much and if I have to go without for a few hours, then I want to make sure I’ve eaten well when I can.

Shall I blog at 4am while eating, you think? Yes?

We shall see.

Anyway, a few more injections to go, tonight, tomorrow morning, middle-of-the-freakin’-night, and then some fasting, and then it’s off to the surgery, 1.30pm (far more civilised time) in the afternoon Monday.

Wish me luck…

Kind Regards,

The Patient

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  1. We will be thinking of you on Monday.Just for good measure do you realise there are twins in our family?
    Enjoy the time-out in hospital…it will be all worth it :o]

  2. Ps This IVF getting up at all hours is just preparing you for life after IVF.

  3. Will be thinking of you with incredibly successful and fertile thoughts!

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