No more injections

Nanananana-Na. Nanananana-Na.


No more injections.

Last night at *exactly* 12.30AM I stuck myself for the last time. Twice. Two Big Needles. Wanna see:

These little buddies are to kick off ovulation, so my body releases all the eggs and the doctors can go in and get them on Monday. It happens precisely 38 hours before the doctors go in. Thus the 12.30AM thang. Don’t ask me why I needed to inject myself with two, though.

Let’s have a look at those needles again. Because they’re the last I need be concern with (you know, being confident THIS CYCLE IS GOING TO WORK and all – let’s not think yet about possible future cycles just yet, hmmm):

Nice. There’s still a stack of things I need to do, like have a Final Meal at 4am tomorrow morning, so I can then fast until the general anesthetic hits, then once the embryo’s implanted (presuming, because we’re confident, optimistic types around this blog, that there are viable embryos as a result of all this), I get to play fun and games injecting myself with something other than needles – but we’ll cross that bridge sprinting across it while it crumbles behind us, and not a single moment before.

Yeah, the metaphors aren’t coming too easily this morning. Blame it on sleep deprivation. And big huge freakin’ needles turning me into a pin cushion.

Hmmm, I think this is a good excuse for a cute puppy shot, so we can all feel much better:

Right. That’s the update. Get back to what you were doing, now.

Kind Regards,

The Patient.

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