The good… and the not-so-good…

Well, news this morning was that one embryo has stopped developing, but three remain on track.

The recommendation is to grow embryos for four to five days in the lab before transfer, but if there are only one or two embryos they will transfer at day three instead. Transfer is the technical term for stick one of them back in me.

With three, they still recommend going the full five days – I believe the longer they have them in the lab, the more they can tell about their viability, or something. Can see which are most likely to stick after transfer, maybe. I’m a bit hazy on that part.

Anyway, should all continue fine, the transfer will be Saturday. Should we lose another and be left with two, it will be tomorrow, Thursday.

This is probably the first thing which has gone obviously wrong in the process so far, and it’s not a disastrous wrong, just not a 100% right. Well, I know that there could have been results so far that I wasn’t aware weren’t as good as they could be – maybe they were hoping for eight or nine eggs and not just five for collection, or something – but I wouldn’t have known that. So this is the first one I’ve had to consider.

It’s also come on a day when the ‘discomfort’ promised me after egg collection has started to kick in. I was feeling fine all of yesterday, but last night the cramping pain began, and yup, ‘discomfort’ is not quite the word for it. Bloody painful tension cramping up my insides is probably a more accurate description, but hey, the good news is your basic pain killer does the job of managing it.

I’m told once starting on the Crinone gel, you start to feel worse.

So, all up, nothing so bad, but not a day I’m yet celebrating either… but hey, when I started blogging this IVF experience, I made a commitment to the blogger-gods that I’d blog it good, bad or otherwise. So far it’s been generally good. Let’s hope this mild discomfort is the full extent of the bad.

Kind Regards,
The Patient

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