Cutting it fine

Okay, remember when I said that my eggs and The Partner’s wrigglers were equally good and strong, but must just somehow have kept missing each other when we were trying au-naturale style? Back in the good old days when we had 100% fertilisation – you know, last Tuesday?

Now I’m thinking I got that a tad wrong.

Two more embryos didn’t make it over night. So we’re down to one – yes, nothing like cutting it fine.

That means I’m going in for transfer today. They won’t risk waiting until Saturday with only one left. So I go in this afternoon and they perform the transfer and then we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Hmmm, when that counsellor at the beginning of this process told us the hardest part of all is the waiting – the final two weeks when there is nothing to do but sit and wait and wonder if you’re pregnant (or not) – I don’t think she was lying. This upcoming fortnight is going to be tough.

Suffice to say much of my early confidence has been knocked out of me. Yeah, doesn’t take much. Now I’m second guessing medical experts, wondering if the problem has not been my eggs and their inability to last the distance all along. Maybe they were fertilizing fine when we were trying the old fashioned way, but just can’t develop.

But best not go there. Down there be dragons. Stress before it’s warranted.

Here’s a tip for anyone going through IVF now or in the future – don’t go Googling for information. Googling anything medical is never ends well. You don’t want to read about the woman who had 20 eggs collected, 17 of which fertilised (geeze, is she 26 years old or something?) when you’re struggling to get a single viable embryo.

Right. Let’s not fret about things we can’t control. It will either work or it won’t. And there’s no way to tell right now, so there’s no point stressing about it before we have to.

Hmmm, I think this so-called ‘good attitude’ of mine is going to last less time than my embryos have…

Will keep you updated on the transfer this afternoon, folks.

Kind regards,
The Patient

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