… no.

Which I have to confess, myself and nearest dearest were aware of a couple of days ago, when my body’s natural indicator of being un-pregnant kicked in. But I’ve kept it from you readers so as to build the suspense up a bit. What can I say, I’m a writer, I like developing narrative tension.

But anyway. That’s that, cycle 1 down, no pregnancy to show for it. Had the blood test this morning. Had the call from Nurse this afternoon.

Now it’s back to the The Specialist, otherwise known as The Gyno, before booking in for IVF Round Two.

It struck me last Sunday night as my suspicions of non-pregnancy were confirmed that I was experiencing now at thirty-six years of age something very similar to that I experienced almost twenty years ago. Back when I was a younger woman just starting out on the whole sex thang, when I spent many a tense day around day 28 of each month desperately looking for the physical confirmations that I was not pregnant. Twenty years later and I’m still spending a tense day or two around day 28 of the month, but now I’m desperately wishing not to see any such signs.

It’s near exactly the same experience, just hoping for the opposite result. Yeah, life’s full of big fat irony like that sometimes.

Oh the fun of being a girl. *sigh*

Now, before you throw your hands up in the air and go ‘well that was an awfully expensive roller-coaster ride, then’ and wander off to other amusements, let me assure you this is not the end of my IVF journey and it’s certainly is not the end of this blog.

One go round the IVF merry-go-round just isn’t enough for this girl. I want more injections, more hormones, more internal ultrasounds (otherwise known as DC, and maybe I might even explain what that stands for at some stage), more making excuses for not being able to come into work or having to arrive in late. I’ve got some money left over, so bring it on – I can take it.

(All pending discussions with The Partner, of course. See, in true blogger fashion, I’m declaring all this to you now before even having discussed it with him. My words are getting ahead of me again.)

Anyway, stay tuned into the blog here, and stick with me on the merry-go-round. We’ll see if we can’t make it spin even faster this time.

Lets go round again, folks…

Kind Regards
The Patient

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