Upping the hormones

Hmmm. It may just be that I’ve not avoided Godzilla-category mood swings after all.

No, I’ve not been rampaging around the house screaming at everybody in sight – which is what I’m sure The Partner was worried I could behave like, after all the very dire warnings he was given about my emotional state on IVF. Nor have I been bursting into tears at every given opportunity. Well, no more than usual anyway.

But it has been noted before that during the entire IVF cycle we’ve just been through, none of the prophesised mood swings occured. No, not in any wee little way. I was perfectly harmonious through the entire experience, up to and including the bits where all our embryos died in the lab. Well, okay, so I had my teary moments, but it was hardly roller-coaster territory.

Looks like in Round 2 I might get to rectify that a little bit. See, the gynecologist has decided to up my hormones for our next go at this.

Just saw her this afternoon. We discussed the fallen embryos, we discussed the paltry number of eggs collected. Contrary to what I’d been thinking, she says the embryos dying in the lab is perfectly normal and happens every time. For us, the real problem was the very few eggs collected to begin with. Because we had so few eggs – if you recall, they collected 5, four of which were mature and fertilised – we simply didn’t have the numbers to sustain the petrie-dish drop-offs.

So the focus for Round 2 is getting more eggs. Which means upping my  hormone levels quite significantly. We know now that I’m not a likely candidate for Hyperstimulation – which is the rather scary and reasonably common reaction to the hormones where the body gets, well, hyper-stimulated and produces far too many follicles. Hyperstimulation can put you in hospital for quite some time and certainly ends any IVF cycle then and there. It’s a real risk for many ladies.

But not for me, obviously. So we’ll up the hormones next time. Which means I could get another shot at this emotional roller-coaster thing.

Heh, wonder if that’s occured to The Partner yet?

The other news is I’ll also be on a nasal spray/oral contraceptive cycle of drugs this time round, and not the second Antagonist injection as last time. This has nothing to do with my response to the Antagonist cycle and everything to do with the fact the pharmaceutical company which supplies the Antagonist drug has completely run out of the stuff.

Yup, trusies. From what I understand (read: don’t necessarily trust a word I am about to say), the Antagonist drug has only just very recently been put on the PBS, which means what used to cost $100 bucks a pop is now far more affordable for your average punter already shelling out thousands in their desperate need to have a kid. Subsequently, gynecologists around the country have been prescribing it and the drug company supplying it has been hit from behind with the demand. There’s no telling when there’ll be more of it. So for now it’s back to the old fashioned way of doing this IVF thang, the way they did it way back in 2010 and before: nasal sprays and contraceptive pills.

Oh, there are injections too, don’t you worry about that. Good old Gonal F, up on its higher dose, to stimulate all my follicles. Injected into my stomach every evening without fail.

And hey, one good thing about the altered cycle with nasal sprays and all the rest – there’ll be even more fodder for me to blog about, completely with more bad iPhone pictures of new and interesting contraptions I have to stick into my body, none of which you will have seen before!

Hope you’re getting yourselves prepared, folks. We’re now on the countdown to IVF Round 2…

Kind regards,

The Patient

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