Hanging around waiting

Oh, FFS. Let’s just get on with this, can we?

Yes, it’s been a while. How’ve you been? Up to much? No? Just hanging around, waiting for IVF Cycle 2 to start, then?

Or is that just me?

This IVF game sure has a lot of waiting in it. Waiting for doctor’s bookings, test bookings, results, more doctors, specialists, and experts. I think it took us well over 12 months from the time I first went to see the GP to request medical intervention in a process everybody else seems to manage without even thinking about it, to when we were finally starting Round One, way back in February.

Yes, it was February. I know because it’s when I started this blog – February 14, Valentine’s Day. And now it’s April. Time just flies when you’re hanging out in the world of interventionist medicine, doesn’t it?

I was 34 when I first went to the GP. In two months I’ll turn 37. My ovaries are not getting any younger. My bank account isn’t getting any fatter, either – I need a new car, new work shoes and new kitchen benches, but I can’t save for any of that while I’m trying to scrounge every cent for hormone injections, nasal sprays, internal ultrasounds (otherwise known as Dildo-Cam, and if you need me to explain why, then you’re too young to hear it) and day surgery leaving you feeling like you’ve been kicked in the guts by the latest WWE heavy weight champion. I would like to get this happening as quickly as possible, but if I’ve learned anything about IVF its that some things just operate to their own schedule. Like female bodies, pharmaceutical companies and IVF specialists.

A close friend is also going through IVF. With all the waiting for tests and results and more tests and more results, she jumped up a whole age bracket by the time she had first gone to her GP to the time she began her first IVF cycle. From 40 to 41. Which might not sound like much to you, but in IVF world it’s a significant leap – between the ages of 35 and 40, woman are given an approximate 35-40% chance of conceiving on IVF. From 41 up, it drops to around 20%.

So she hasn’t been too happy about the hanging around waiting bit of this, either.

Anyway, it’s been a good almost four weeks since I last updated this blog, because it’s been a good almost four weeks since anything has happened in the IVF stratosphere of my world. But we’re getting closer to Round Two now. I’ve got the Pill, as prescribed by The Gyno – yes, for the type of IVF cycle we’re doing for Round Two, I need to go on the pill for two or three weeks, which is as bizarro as it sounds – and now I’m just waiting for Day One of My Next Cycle. Which will be Any Day Now.

Counting down the days. Putting plans in place. Not that my body has ever put my plans as its priority, but at least we’re working towards something again, instead of this treading water. 

Powering up to come back on line, folks. Keep watching this space, we’ll be into Round Two very shortly indeed…

Kind Regards

The Patient

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