And we’re off…

Saw Nursey today. Came back with a bag chock full of goodies. Here, have a gander:

(No, that’s not my carpet, before you ask. It’s the waiting room at IVFland.)

Yes, it is a distinctive bag. Just so when you’re slipping out of the IVF clinic and walking back to the car park along the busy main road, everybody can immediately recognise it.

Of course, if I were going to be sensitive about people knowing I’m going through IVF, I think I may be going about it the wrong way. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve not only been happy to talk to friends, or family, or strangers I just met on the street about IVF, I’ve practically foistered myself upon them. They get to hear about it whether they really want all the gorey detail or not. It’s one of the delightful compensations for having to undergo such an invasive, anxiety-ridden medical procedure – the tortured faces of those you only have a vague acquaintance with as they suddenly get lumbered with Too  Much Information.

Yeah, okay, so I have to take my fun where I can get it. Anyway. Here are the contents of the Bag ‘O Goodies for Round Two:

There are different goodies inside the Bag ‘O Goodies than last time. There’s a nasal spray for starters, instead of a whole round of injections. But there are, technically, more needles, because I’m on a higher dose of mood-swing-initiators (i.e. hormones) than last time.

This time, even The Partner’s little sample jar came with instructions. Trusies – though no, said instructions are not what’s on the CD to the right of the contents pic above and they’re not what you’re thinking, either. They’re all about washing hands and ensuring sterile environments so as not to contaminate the sample. So just get your mind above the waist please, because this is not that kind of blog, thank you very much.

Though the sample jar with instruction sheet did come shoved in a plain brown paper bag, which is somewhat telling. Everything else is labelled in bright and happy green, with lots of images of babies, wistful women and bright logos, but the semen sample jar comes wrapped up in a anonymous, keep-it-quiet, scrunched up brown paper bag:

So it’s been a bit like Christmas here at The Patient’s household this afternoon, unwrapping all the IVF gifts…

…well, okay, actually not in the least bit like Christmas, and Nursey didn’t dress up in a Santa suit or anything *sigh*. What’s more, I paid for my own gifts, handing over several thousand of my very own dollars in doing so.

But coming home with a bright green bag filled with lots of hormones and needles and injections and a billion bits of paper explaining everything in triplicate does mean one sure thing:

We’re off. Round Two has definitely started.

Kind regards,

The Patient.

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