Just quickly

The blood test yesterday showed that my body was all on track. So far.

Sure, I’ve actually stayed on the pill 3 days longer than I should have by mistake, but that shouldn’t be a biggie. The Pill and the Foul Tasting Nasal Spray are there to Down Regulate my hormones and my body’s natural inclination to ovulate. Suppress them. Keep it all under control and buried deep.

According to the blood test, that’s well happening. My body’s natural processes are tightly controlled, so we are now ready to enter Phase Two of Round Two: Stimulation…

Come Saturday, I start injecting again. The FSH, the Gonal-F. That’s the stuff that’s meant to stimulate all my folicles and get them growing big and plentiful. I inject daily for just over a week, then go in for a bit of DC (internal ultrasound, or Dildo-Cam, as we like to call it here in IVFworld) to check the follicles are growing, and based on those results, the decision is made on whether to go in for a harvest.

If my follicles look all ripe and stuff, and they decide, yes, it’s harvest time, that’s when I get the quick One-Two of ovulation-stimulating injections and stop suppressing my body’s natural processes all of a sudden and instead let them go Just Wild.

And we hope Just Wild means Just Wild With Lots Of Eggs.

So that’s where we’re at. Tomorrow night I’m back on the needle. And yes, I will post photos, you know I will.

Kind regards,

The Patient

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