One question answered

Just been sent an article by my folks, detailing some IVF research of interest.

See, since Round One turned us up with only a handful of eggs (read: barely any) which didn’t survive as embryos anyway, I’ve been wondering…

Just what is a ‘normal’ number of eggs to collected in any one IVF round, anyway?

It’s the question others have asked me most often, too. I get asked a lot of questions by other people, possibly because I’m happy to talk openly about all this, when not everybody else is. Also, possibly because they’re suffering under the erroneous assumption that I somehow know what I’m talking about.

Of course, it’s the wrong question to ask, what’s a ‘normal’ number of eggs. When it comes to IVF, there is no ‘normal’. There is no usual, no average, no common experience. It’s all only individual.

Not to make you feel like an isolated freak or anything.

But anyway, it seems there is now some research on the optimum number of eggs to hope for in a collection:

It seems to be based on some extensive data – 17 years worth of it –  and has found 15 to be the magic number. Less than 15 and the chances of a live birth decrease. But more than 15 and chances don’t increase for anything except hyperstimulation syndrome, which is the nasty little problem where your body produces far too many follicles and leaves you in pain, suffering, unable to continue IVF, at risk of bloody clots and oxygen starvation, and often in hospital.

It’s interesting research. Though considering I’m not exactly in the hyperstimulation-risk-category, it’s not all fun-and-mungbeans for me. There’s no such thing as ‘too many eggs’ in my world. Last time round, my body struggled to spit out 5 of the little buggers, only 4 of which were mature anyway. We’ve upped the hormones hoping for more this time round, but let’s face it, if I get even close to double figures in egg collection, it’ll be a scientific wonder.

But it does answer the question. What is the optimum number of eggs to aim for. Or hope for, anyway, because there are some things you just can’t do a lot about when your body decides otherwise, believe me…

Anyway folks, if nothing else, it once again goes to prove there ain’t no such thing as ‘normal’ in IVF. There is only you.

Besides, ‘normal’ is only a setting on a washing machine, anyway.

Kind regards,
The Patient

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