Pulling the trigger

 Last night, I pulled the trigger. This is what the trigger looks like:

It comes in two parts, as you can see. A kind of bang-bang situation. (heh, geddit, geddit? Trigger = bang, bang? It’s a pun, see? Ain’t I just so clever with the words ‘n stuff?) The Trigger is the hormone to trigger ovulation and I get to take it 38 hours exactly before egg collection.

Yup folks, I’m booked in for egg-collection tomorrow. DC (internal ultrasound) yesterday morning showed up a whopping 16 black smudges up on the grey-static screen that is the standard ultrasound display. That means 16 follicles, all of them more than 10mm, and at least ten of them more than 15mm.

Now, for many other women this may not be something to celebrate. But for me, who had only 10 follicles all up last time, most of which were tiny (between 6-12mm in size), it’s a big improvement. And when it comes to IVF, you take your ups where you can get ‘em, frankly. Because believe me, the downs will come chasing you.

So with all going well so far, I’m booked in for egg collection, which means Trigger injections were taken at exactly 9pm last night. Here, I took a picture of me doing it:

And here’s a picture of my thumb after I poked it with the needle when trying to dispose of the buggers:

I was putting the cap back on and the needle poked through and slid straight into my thumb. Luckily I can’t catch any diseases off myself.

Anyway, that’s it for today, folks. Just a quick update just to give you the latest news. Egg collection tomorrow means I’ll probably update on Thursday with the results.

Fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Kind regards,

The Patient

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  1. Sending love and encouragement your way after all those nasties.

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