It’s a numbers game

And our number seems to be stuck on 5.

Egg collection had some positive results – a good 13 eggs came out of me yesterday. Considering last time we got only 5, this was something of an improvement. Yay extra-hormones!

Today, though, we heard that of those 13, only 7 were mature. And of those 7, guess how many fertilised?

Heh. Yeah. 5.

Still that’s one more than last time (4 were mature and fertilised in Round 1). Right now, our five fertilised embryos are swimming around in their luxury-hotel-like petrie dishes (I like to think they’re like luxury hotels for embryos, anyway, with private swimming pools, complimentary massages and catering), doing backflips and handstands and hopefully lots and lots of dividing.

We want those buggers dividing strongly, darnit.

All going well, I head in for transfer on Day 5 – Monday.

Should we go down the same path as last time, it’ll be the emergency rush-in on Saturday to try and salvage the last weakling of the bunch who was never meant to survive anyway. But let’s think positive here. Unlike last time, these 5 this time are the strong 5, the kick-butt-and-take-names 5. The 5 who want to live and will be doing laps of those petrie-dishes dividing like crazy, growing into strong clusters and just all competing for who gets to be transfered back into me.

Or something.

It’s all out of our hands right now anyway. Can’t do anything more but let those embryonic cells do their thing in the lab and hope.

Update soon, folks. With pictures. Because The Partner took a few when he went in to deliver The Sample yesterday and I’m sure you’ll be eager to see just what goes on when the boys have to do their bit, hmmm…

Kind regards

The Patient

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  1. Good luck, TP! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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