4 weeks 4 days

Yes. It’s official. Today, I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

But how is that possible, I hear you ask as you quickly flip through your quirky little desk calendars with the funky quoted sayings on the bottom of each day’s page. Egg collection was only just over 2 weeks ago and transfer a few days after that.

Ah, well apparently they start counting pregnancy from Day 1 of the cycle in which you fall pregnant. With pregnancy, as with everything in IVF (okay, so pregnancy is everything in IVF, but lets not split hairs), *everything* revolves around Day 1. Day1 is always the first day of your period. You’re not pregnant at that point, of course – well, duh – but the medical profession is a science and science likes hard data and all this means there’s little subjective debate around defining Day 1. So that’s when they calculate it from.

What I’m trying to say is that for the first two weeks of the gestation period, you’re not even pregnant yet. No, really. Day 1 is about two weeks before conception.

The blood test on Friday found elevated levels of hCG in my body. That’s Human chorionic gonadotropin, for those not in the know, otherwise known as the levels which show up in blood tests indicating whether you’re knocked up. They’re looking for a figure somewhere between 60 and 400 and I scored a good, solid 233.

No doubt about it, says Nurse. I’m totally preggas.

One month down. Eight to go.

So let me assure you all that this blog does not end here. I’d be keeping a journal of all that’s happening anyway, so I might as well continue to do it online in as public a manner as possible, with every gorey detail and up-and-down put out there into the cyber-ether.

This blog ain’t over yet, folks.

Kind Regards,

The Patient

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  1. Wishing you guys the very very best x x x

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