Should just say…

… the blood test from last Friday was all good news. Hormone levels exactly where we want them. Excellente.

Now it’s just hang about and wait until the 7 week scan (I’m sitting at 5 and a half weeks currently) to check the embryo has implanted where it should and hasn’t scurried up a fallopian tube, or something dreadful like that. Yup, there’s a hell of a lot of waiting in this game. And a hell of a lot of worrying.

The symptoms are still doing that dancing around the edges of obvious thing – not a hint of morning sickness yet, no sore boobs either, but very exhausted some days, cramping and back pain on others – so I’m definitely feeling knocked up and no longer worried the blood tests might just be some kind of cosmic hoax. This is definitely real. But that only means the worry has shifted sideways and setup next door, in the “yes, but is it all developing normally?” camp.

Interesting to think that if this were a naturally conceived pregnancy, I’d only be wondering if I should go out and buy a home pregnancy test about now.

Kind regards

The Patient

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