Scan the first

7 week scan yesterday. This was to check that everything is where it’s meant to be, the size it’s meant to be, the shape it’s meant to be, and that there was a heartbeat.

No, not from me. From the baby.

And there was one. Which I got to see. Ooooh.

Here’s a picture, in which you can’t see the heart beat because it’s a still image (derr), but you can see a longish black shape within a larger lighter grey circle, and that, I believe, is the baby:

Not that it looks much like a baby just yet. Bubs is still just a black smudge on a screen with a heartbeat that almost made me cry to see – yes, okay, I admit it, but after trying for so long and going through so much to get this far, I think I’m allowed a bit of a watery eye on seeing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, hmmm?

Apparently, though, if we could see in Hollywood Technicolour 3D High-Def movie detail, we’d see a strange little shape with a huge head, big black spots for eyes, buds for arms and legs with webbed ends that will later become hands and feet, and ears, nose etc forming. Internal organs are forming. And the tail – the wee thing starts off very tadpole shaped in the early weeks – I’m pleased to say, is shrinking or has gone.

Trusies. A bit alien like, really. Which is pretty cool, I think, though I am a scifi fan, so maybe that’s just me.

But we can’t see all that, we can only see the image above. The black smudge. The ultrasound lady told me the baby is placed perfectly in the uterus, the cervix is exactly the right shape and closed off, and all the relevant sacks and yokes and circles and stuff in the uterus around the baby are just right.

So everything is perfectly normal for 7 weeks in.

You don’t know how wonderful the sound of the word “normal” is until you’re having a baby.

And have to say, the more ultrasounds I do – and by now, I’ve done stacks – the more I respect those who do them, for making sense out of the grainy pictures up on those screens.

So that’s where we are now, folks. 7 weeks in and all going well.

Oh, and I’m finally getting queasy in the mornings and the evenings, so we can say that morning sickness has finally arrived. Thought it’s none too bad, so I’m not going to complain, in case the cosmic karma gods decide they’ve heard enough whining from me about not feeling pregnant enough and send me a case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum just to shut me up.

Kind Regards

The Patient

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