The 12 week scan

So…  how did the 12 week scan go?

Brilliantly, thank the gods. You can see it here, little 6-Cell, as he or she is known – the embryologist when we went in for transfer showed us a picture of our six cell embryo, hence the name – all wriggling around:

And for those who prefer a stills image to a moving one, here’s the pics to prove it:

This ultrasound was one of the screening tests for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders – it’s called an NT or nuchal translucency scan. And it’s kind of worrying when you first face it. You know, what with me being over 35 and all. It goes something like this. A 25 year old mother-to-be might have an average risk (based only on age, not any other factor) of 1 in 1351 of conceiving a baby with a chromosomal disorder. But by 35 you’ve hit somewhere between 1 in 300 or 400. And if you’re over 40, you don’t really want to think about the numbers, believe me.

But based on the ultrasound last Thursday and blood tests I had at the 10 week mark, our risk factor was recalculated at 1 in 2370. Considering low risk is considered anything from 1 in 300 or better, we’re more than two thousand chances better. Yay!

We heard baby’s heart beat. An excellent 163 bpm. We saw him or her wriggling about all over the place, moving arms and legs, twisting and turning. We counted fingers and saw they were all there. There were two arms, two legs. A perfectly symmetrical brain which is being developed even as I type – weeks 12 to 18 are a big brain development time.

And… well, just have a look at the video linked to above. That’s little 6-Cell, waving away in there. Be sure to wave back now…

Kind regards

The Patient

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