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Twenty week scan yesterday. The most important news is all was normal. This is the scan they call the Anomaly Scan, in that they’re looking for anomalies. In the heart, in the brain, in the spine, you know, just totally essential bits like that. They check for four chambers of the heart, that the blood is flowing correctly. They look for kidneys. Check bones. Check the face, looking for clefts. Look to see if the spine is covered by skin. And basically just are looking to see if all appears as it should be with a growing, twenty week old, baby.

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You don’t know how wonderful the word ‘Normal’ sounds until you’re pregnant.

So all is normal with our little Six Cell. Who is far, far more than six cells now of course, but that will always be how we first saw him, a image of a six cell embryo just prior to it being implanted into me. IVF might be an emotional roller-coaster that’s incredibly expensive, invasive and scary, but it has its upsides, and not just because it gives the chance of parenthood to so many who would not otherwise be able to have it. We’ve been actively aware and engaged with the whole process, we were conscious of what was happening (as well as stressing over it, of coruse). We were there, we saw what our embryo looked like.

We could watch as our little six cell embryo implanted into my uterus. Now, that’s not something you get when you conceive naturally.

Not that you’d want to swap. If I had the choice, it’d be naturally fertile every time, obviously. But hey, we IVFer’s have to take our positives where we can get them.

But now Six Cell is a full 20 weeks old and wriggling away, healthy, happy and all perfectly NORMAL. And because at 20 weeks they can tell the sex, and because we asked, we can now declare that Six Cell shall no longer be known as Six Cell.

Because Six Cell is a boy. Which means his real name is Luke. Luke Edward Hudson.

So say hello to Luke Edward, via a wee video his father put together:

Kind Regards

The Patient

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  1. Congratulations! Wow, it’s already been 20 weeks – where does the time go? Next thing you know, Luke will be starting university!

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