And so we reach… the end?

Weeell…  I had to think of somewhere to end this blog, and this seemed a suitable kind of place.

I mean, I could go on. There’s plenty of amusing and eye-widening-surprise material in figuring out this new parenting lark, even if little time to write it up. But the internets are already full of mumsy and dadsy bloggers delighting us with tales of their little people.

Now, as a brand new mother, I know without doubt that my particular little person is the most special of all and tales of him must of course delight and entertain the online masses. But as a well-rounded human, I’m equally aware that this might not actually be true. Strange as it may seem, the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful little human in all the world – to my eyes – is probably just another baby to the vast majority of you out there.

Yeah, I know. Go figure.

Besides, this is an IVF blog. It’s about going through IVF. We’ve been through IVF now and come out the other side.

Oh, which reminds me, before I forget, here is the other side:

Yes, on February 8 2012 at 8.34 in the morning, Luke Edward was born by last-minute c-section. We decided on a ceaser the day before because I was 40 weeks and the little bugger hadn’t engaged yet, not to mention the fact he’d turned back around to breech again. And being what is described in the medical textbooks as a “precious” baby – in that, it was so difficult for us to conceive him and it’s not all that likely I’ll be able to do so again – we decided not to take any risks whatsoever and just cut the chap right out of there.

He came out bum-first, a big-un at 4210 grams (that’s about 9.5 pounds, for all you who refuse to go metric) and healthy as they could be.

And when he was put into my arms, I burst into tears and couldn’t stop.

Anyway, I could go into the detail of what it was like to have a ceaser (just weird, with all the pulling and tugging; it’s a rough-old experience), or falling in love the moment I saw him (hormones are not to be underestimated). Or even what it’s been like in the 5 weeks since (you may have noticed the disparate dates – he was born on the 8th of Feb, and here I am posting this on 16th March. What can I say, I’m a parent of a newborn; just finding time to turn on the computer is an achievement equivalent to scaling Everest in my current world.)

But I won’t. Well, not here. I will be back blogging at my main site, Let Me Digress (, at least when I next get time to blog again. Which, by the way this parenting thing is going, may be somewhere around 2015. And I will include updates on the little fellow over there.

But here? No. This is the end, I’m afraid. The end of this part of the journey, anyway. IVF has been done and for us, fortunately, it was successful. We beat the odds. And our miracle baby has been born.

So hope you enjoyed the tales here and catch you all over at Let Me Digress sometime soon.

Bye from The Patient. And from Luke.

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  1. After googling for hours on end I came across your blog wanting to know another womens journey through IVF – I am starting my IVF jouney in 2 weeks. Thank you – Your blog is extremely real & has helped me understand, prepare and deal with what is in store for me. Congratulations on your boy, how wonderful for you and your family

    • Thanks for the kind words about my blog. It’s been almost a year now since Luke was born and the whole IVF experience still seems surreal. Feel free to email if you have any specific questions, always happy to talk about it to anybody if it could help.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and you have given me so much hop 🙂 I’ve just started Stimms and I’m hoping to have egg collection on the 28th Jan 2013. All I read was your last entry – what a beauty!

    I will contimue to read more when I get the time – congratulations – I do hope that i get to end my IVF blog on a similar positive note to yours.

    Congratulations lady 🙂

    Much love xxx

    • Good luck! And thank you!

  3. Wonderful blog. It makes me proud that my mother took the dive into IVF back in 1985 to have me!

    • Thank you! Wow – IVF back in 1985 would have been different, I imagine, and would have taken even more courage with it being so new. Respect to you mother!

  4. Excellent blog. Beside courage you have talent for writing.
    It’s important to keep good attitude and be relaxed during IVFprocess to increase your chances to conceive. Writing the blog is another good idea!

  5. […] 47.  And so we reach… the end? […]

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